6 thoughts on “Yummy 

  1. Katie mcgowan
    Mmmm super looks lovely. Well earned meal. You enjoy and get some nice sleep tonight.
    Love you darling and see you soon.


  2. Year 5!! Wow! What a day you have had! I am so glad that you are all ok, settled, fed and with such happy smiling faces!! The food looks delicious, I am very jealous, my mouth is watering! Thank you for being such wonderful children, and thank you to our amazing teachers too for looking after all of you so well! I hope you have the most relaxing nights sleep ready for a busy day tomorrow!! Miss you all LOTS! Love Mrs Roberts xx


  3. Hi Misba, we hope you’re enjoying your super and what a interesting place. Have a good night sleep, love mummy and sister Alesha xxx 🙂


  4. Hi Clara,
    Hope you’re enjoying the lovely looking food.
    Have a nice sleep in readiness for a fun filled packed day tomorrow.
    Lots of love Daddy, Mummy and Lola xx


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