33 thoughts on “And the rest 

  1. Guys it Emily. When I found out what had happens I cried my eyes out. I’m glad your OK. I hope your especially fine Ethan, Ellie and Aleena my besties. Stay safe.


  2. We’ve just seen you on the news walking free Katie and Ellena and the gang. So glad! Who would have thought you would be on TV today!! Sending you lots of love and kisses thanks everyone big hug to you all xxxx


  3. Thank you to all the staff for taking care of our children at what must be a very stressful time for you all. I hope you all get some rest now.
    You don’t get paid enough to do what’s you do on a daily basis never mind what you’ve been through today.
    Love to you all.
    (Thomas ayscough mum)


  4. Hi Thomas just seen you on the news you are on TV lol love you so much and Lucy say night night big hugs and kisser xx


  5. Hi Alesha looks like you were having a good time. Glad that you are all safe and well and out at last. Love you lots from all the gang xxxx.. A big THANKYOU to all the teachers during the situation and for keeping us updated.


  6. Misba, it is lovely to see you smile, considering what you have been through! Enjoy the rest of your trip. I hope today’s event doesn’t stop you from enjoying the rest of London. Lots of love, from your Auntie Nazma xx


  7. Had us worried, take care everyone and a big thank you to the teachers for taking care of them.

    Love you loads Tahreem, missing you.

    Good night.


  8. Hi Katie
    What a day you have had. We all glad that you all are well
    Thank you teachers for your hard work also
    Daddy. Katt. Jessy and ollie


  9. Hi Devon great to see your photos and hope you are ok love. Granddad watching the England match. Wonder if you are? Hope you are enjoying spending time with all your school pals. Love Nan Sheila xx


  10. Hope your having lots of fun, enjoy your self and take care see you soon xx
    Love u lots and lots
    Aunty Aleema
    Nanan Maroof
    (Secret hand shake)


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